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Welcome to Next Generation's First Generation! Listen along with Patrick and Sascha as they stroll down memory lane with STNG episodes.  Compare the then vs. now meaning of STNG and how it has changed out lives.

Dec 7, 2018

The crew beams down to a planet where the women are men and the men cant believe it's not butter!  If you like this 3 minute short then you are sure to enjoy our full podcast "Next Generation's First Generation", find us on iTunes, You Tube, Google Play and Libsyn.

Dec 7, 2018

The Binars reprogram the holodeck to capture Riker!  Checkout our full review of 11001001 on our podcast"Next Generation's First Generation".

Dec 7, 2018

Data has a brother, and he is an evil robot...sad Christmas.  Set phasers to crocodile tears. Why does everyone in STNG have such sad family origin stories?  A very important episode otherwise, give this 3 minute short a listen, and perhaps check out our podcast "Next Generation's First Generation" to get the full...

Dec 5, 2018

Data and the Gang melt our hearts by bringing life to the holodeck in a bolder incarnation of murderous rage.  In this episode we ask a simple question, can we create a challenge that can beats Data.  Patrick and Sascha try to figure out how this all goes down...and heck...why didn't that paper dematerialize when they...

Nov 28, 2018

Perhaps this is an ode to the poem 'The Spell of the Yukon', or perhaps it has noting to do with that at all.  A gigantic space monster comes to KILL and analyze Troy's expressions and scare Worf.  But Picard....never, he'd rather blow up the damned ship, Captain Ahab has to go hunt his wale...oh wait that's in another...