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Welcome to Next Generation's First Generation! Listen along with Patrick and Sascha as they stroll down memory lane with STNG episodes.  Compare the then vs. now meaning of STNG and how it has changed out lives.

Jul 28, 2018

Stand up, sit down, sit up stand straight!  Did you get all of that, you're a grownup now, ACT LIKE IT.  What a this episode of shore leave Patrick and Sascha try to remember what being a kid was all about, by watching a grown man act like one...and doing a fairly good job at it too!

Jul 2, 2018

This is a tribute re-broadcast episode in memory of Harlan Ellison.  This episode was recorded and produced by the True Two Freaks, from their regular podcast, Star Trek Monthly Monday and re-aired with their permission.  Enjoy this little gem while on shore leave!