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Welcome to Next Generation's First Generation! Listen along with Patrick and Sascha as they stroll down memory lane with STNG episodes.  Compare the then vs. now meaning of STNG and how it has changed out lives.

Jan 30, 2019

Genetic Engineering, old people complaining about their aches and pains, something about a shuttlecraft and an amped-up teenager making senior citizens mad.  Oh, and there is no way we are going to use the transporter today…at least for a hot second…well let’s just see how Patrick and Sascha figure this out.

Jan 23, 2019

Yes it's that time to meet the first member of Data's family...'creepy grandpa'.  Does he want love? No Does he want family? No.  Sadly we realize he only want's Data for his body or more specifically the space between his ears.  Join Patrick and Sascha as we explore yet another example of Mind Uploading Science...

Jan 9, 2019

Famed arbitrator and diplomat Reva and his entourage hope to sooth tensions between two waring parties.  Fortunately for us all his aids get shot and we get to see what happens next!  This is an exciting episode with action, romance and language skills.  Listen along while Patrick and Sascha try to figure this one...