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Welcome to Next Generation's First Generation! Listen along with Patrick and Sascha as they stroll down memory lane with STNG episodes.  Compare the then vs. now meaning of STNG and how it has changed out lives.

Jun 26, 2019

Worf not only finds a long lost love but also has a chance for command!  Who says you cant have your cake and eat it too, just as long as you don't give away your new girlfriend by accident...oh least you look good in the Captain's chair. Patrick and Sascha cant wait to see how it all goes down!

Jun 19, 2019

Its that time hide from real life consequences by in the holodeck.  Listen as Patrick and Sascha try and figure out how Picard gets out of talking to a real person.

Jun 2, 2019

Take me down to Paradise City where Spock's brother seeks god with help of our local dirt farmers from the neutral zone.  Don't worry though because the crew remembered to pack anti-gravity boots.  Just in time to reminisce our most painful memories, journey along with Patrick and Sascha as they try to figure this one...